Polished granite

Polished granite is a valuable and high-quality material. It is used for funeral structures, decor items, and for construction purposes.

Granite properties

  • Long term use.
  • Special durability. The rock contains silicon and iron.
  • Resistance to precipitation and other external impacts.
  • Environmental friendliness. Products from this stone are completely safe for people

Feature of Karelian Gabbro-Diabase granite

This black granite has excellent decorative qualities. It retains its artistic properties and does not grow dim for a long time. High-tech equipment allows to perform high-quality stone finishing.
полированный гранит в Москве

After appropriate treatment, surface of the stone becomes mirrored, inclusions and mica particles are clearly visible in it, emphasizing natural beauty of the material.

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What is produced of polished granite?

Real RK provides a wide range of products from granite:

  • Slabs. These ideal rectangular blanks are used in construction, manufacture of monuments and kitchen furniture.
  • Bases. It can serve as a basis for fences or as a fence by itself.
  • Monuments. Tombstones made of granite are high-quality and practical. Employees of the company will help you choose the right size and design.
  • Tile. Polished tiles – a material for facing buildings and memorial structures.
  • Panels. The scope of application depends on the type of stone processing. Heat-treated granite is used as a building finish material or flooring.  Polished granite, that is a more expensive product, is used for architectural decorations.
  • Road curbs. It is used to decorate roads, alleys, and flower beds.
  • Architectural decorative elements. Vases, balls, balusters are very popular in landscape design.