About Us

Since 2002 Real RK, LLC has been pursuing a strategy for promoting Karelian stone in the domestic market of Russia and the near abroad.

The specialization of our enterprise is production and large wholesale of granite products.

Products from granite of Drugoretsky deposit occupy top the quality rating of the stone processing industry in the Russian Federation.

The first thing that our customers note is the high quality of all products. This is due to the Company’s own production, located in the administrative center of Karelia, the city of Petrozavodsk.

Production capacities of the Real RK allow to produce up to 2,000 sets of ritual items and up to 20,000 m2 of construction products per month using sawing, edging, and polishing machines of Italian brands.

Real RK covers all regions of the Russian Federation. We offer the fine-tuned supply mechanism, availability of warehouse terminals, and attractive terms for wholesale orders.

The Company’s Priorities:

Guaranteed product quality, precise control, a wide range of products, wholesale, small wholesale and retail, affordable prices, customizable payment terms, fast processing of orders, and timely shipment.

Real RK, LLC offers a wide range of products from Karelian granite:

  • monuments of standard and various configuration (different shapes and elements)
  • facing granite tiles
  • heat-treated paving setts
  • sawn Gabbro-Diabase
  • paving slabs
  • Gabbro-Diabase blocks
  • architectural and decorative products (columns, balusters, bowls)

An extensive raw materials base, own production with the latest technological equipment allow Real RK, LLC to supply a unique high-quality product made from the Karelian Gabbro-Diabase, which does not have any analogues either in Russia or abroad.

Karelian Gabbro-Diabase has high decorative characteristics, increased strength, and is suitable for use in all weather conditions.

Gabbro-Diabase longer than other similar materials maintains the artistic properties and quality of polishing, which contributes to its widespread use for manufacture of monuments and ritual items.

It is used as a facing material, in road paving, landscape design, and urban planning.

Our customers are offered a wide range of product delivery methods.

– railway platforms, loading into wagons, container transportation, various types of vehicles.

Real RK, LLC will assist in selection of the most cost-saving and practical option.

Call us or send an email, and you will receive required assistance, and will be offered the most convenient form of payment, as well as delivery options and appealing prices. We will take into account all of your requirements.

We work for you. Quality does not equal expensive!