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Architectural decorative elements

Real-RK has a 16-year experience in manufacture of high-quality granite products.

Tiles, borders, and monuments are part of the company’s specialization. Please, pay attention to architectural decorative elements of our manufacture, they are specified separately in the price-list of Real-RK.

Architectural decorative elements serve for decoration of any landscape.

Such elements are made of Karelian granite, that retains a presentable appearance for a very long time, and is easy to clean.


Any good design is always complemented by vases, because they are able to introduce exquisite aesthetics by their appearance. Flowerpots are made of natural stone and have a lot of nice characteristics.

  • They are resistant to temperature extremes;
  • All products are original;
  • They highly durable;
  • They are offered at nice prices.



A ball is not just an ideal shape. Balls made of granite are ideal for any monument, decoration of a memorial, grave construction, etc.

A stone retains its original appearance during many years. On the company’s website, the client is offered a huge number of sizes, as well as the opportunity to choose the most suitable color.


Balusters  resemble a low column. The structure is used at any ritual objects, introducing nobleness and grace into the atmosphere.

Real-RK offers a very low purchase price for balusters. Products made of granite will not only please the eye, but will stand for decades.

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