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A ball is an ideal figure symbolizing  perfection of style. Granite balls are used in ritual compositions, for decorating grave complexes and monuments, racks of fences, complementing a monument, pedestal or a surrounding area. Spherical elements are the favorite decor elements of historical and administrative buildings, architectural monuments, parks and private estates.

Balls with a stand
Diameter (mm) Price (Rub. per sm) Retail Price (Rub. per sm) Small wholesale (2-5 pcs) Price (Rub. per sm) Large wholesale (6 or more pieces)
100 3 520р. 2 856р. 2 295р.
120 4 120р. 3 349р. 2 685р.
150 5 760р. 4 675р. 3 750р.
160 6 900р. 5 610р. 4 500р.
180 8 280р. 6 732р. 5 400р.
200 9 900р. 8 041р. 6 450р.
220 11 280р. 9 163р. 7 350р.
250 17 720р. 14 399р. 11 550р.
300 34 960р. 28 424р. 22 800р.
350 50 600р. 41 140р. 33 000р.
400 69 700р. 56 661р. 45 450р.
450 92 000р. 74 800р. 60 000р.
It is possible to manufacture products according to your sketches, the price is negotiable.

Real RK offers to purchase granite balls of various textures and colors at affordable prices (the cost depends on the size of the product). Comfortable service and a wide range of products will allow you to choose the product that will be perfect to complement the exterior.

Products made of granite – the most durable and long-lasting material, have special structure. Carefully crafted and polished stone balls create an image of design completeness and give a sense of monumentality of the memorial complex. To create perfect forms, Real RK uses Karelian granite, which is distinguished by excellent strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal. The well-recognized advantages of granite balls are:

  • the perfect shape of products;
  • a large selection of sizes and structural colors;
  • aesthetic appeal of forms;
  • resistance against any climatic conditions and high humidity.

How to buy granite balls

Real RK produces granite balls of any size. You can get acquainted with the manufacturer’s products in the illustrated catalog, and our specialists from the sales department will help you choose and fill out an application. A special loyalty program with favorable cooperation conditions has been developed for wholesalers. Call us and our experts will answer any questions related to product specifications, features of payment, and delivery of goods.


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