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The masters of Real RK are engaged in manufacture of balusters made of high quality natural granite. These products, differing in size, shape and color scheme, serve not only as reliable railings for stairs, terraces, balconies and building facades, but also as an aesthetic decoration.

Advantages of Granite Balusters

A baluster resembles a vertical figured miniature column. In order to manufacture these supporting elements, different types of materials are used, viz.: wood, gypsum, metal, glass, granite, marble, as well as artificial stone. Granite balusters are extremely popular to the following advantages:

  • highest strength;
  •  luxurious appearance;
  • wide range of colors, including gray, pink, milky white, black and bluish-green shades;
  • resistance to mechanical stress, atmospheric effects, abrasion, and natural aging.

Our specialists take great care when designing support products, precisely calculating the load that they must withstand.

Types of granite balusters:

Depending on the production method, granite balusters might be of three types:

  • chiseled;
  • hewn;
  • carved.

The most common chiseled balusters made of granite are characterized by different distribution of thickenings and rounded shapes.

Carved products are distinguished by strict geometric shapes and clear edges.

Carved granite balusters look elegant and tasteful. Thanks to the skills of our specialists, the patterns and shapes of these decorative elements can be very diverse.

Real RK offers you to purchase ready-made models of balusters made of Karelian granite, as well as to order unique customized products according to individual sketches. We guarantee each client impeccable quality, beautiful appearance, and optimal cost.


Diameter (mm) Price (Rub. per sm) Retail Price (Rub. per sm) Small wholesale (2-5 pcs) Price (Rub. per sm) Large wholesale (6 or more pieces)
50 – 60 74р. 60р. 48р.
70 – 80 100р. 80р. 65р.
90 – 100 126р. 104р. 83р.
110 – 120 156р. 128р. 102р.
140 – 150 196р. 160р. 128р.
180 – 200 244р. 200р. 160р.
250 322р. 262р. 210р.
300 530р. 430р. 345р.
It is possible to manufacture products according to your sketches, the price is negotiable.
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