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Granite flowerpots are aesthetic and durable ritual accessories used to decorate tombstones and the area around the grave. The natural beauty of natural stone creates an appropriate atmosphere and emphasizes aristocracy of the mourning structure. Graveyard vases are well suited both for a solid memorial of impressive size, and for a small tombstone.

Size (mm) Price (Rub.) Retail Price (Rub.) Small wholesale (2-5 pcs) Price (Rub) Large wholesale (6 or more pieces)
f100*200 3 320р. 2 703р. 2 160р.
f130*250 5 300р. 4 301р. 3 450р.
f150*300 7 380р. 6 001р. 4 815р.
f180*350 10 400р. 8 449р. 6 780р.
f200*400 14 540р. 11 815р. 9 480р.
f250*500 21 930р. 17 765р. 14 250р.
It is possible to manufacture products according to your sketches, the price is negotiable.

Manufacturing Features

Real RK sells granite graveyard vases made of high-quality Karelian stone. This material is particularly reliable and possesses attractive texture. Our experts will provide you a large catalog of existing original works and help you choose the right granite vase design, taking into account compositional features of the site. It can be large and beautiful flowerpots for planting flowers or elegant thin vases for bouquets, which are installed directly on the tombstone. All products have the following advantages:

  • impeccable quality;
  • resistance to climate and temperature changes;
  • mechanical strength of the material;
  • a large selection of options with the possibility of manufacturing exclusive projects;
  • reasonable prices.

Different shades of the material allow choosing a harmonious combination with the monument and installed architectural elements.

Real RK offers to buy granite graveyard vases in Moscow at reasonable and cost-saving prices. The exquisite design and impeccable quality of each product is guaranteed by a highly reputed and diligent manufacturer. An order can be placed by calling 8-800-505-95-52 (free in Russia) or by leaving an online application on our website.


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