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In order to gracefully decorate  a burial place one may use a base made of Gabbro-Diabase.

We make fences of any shapes and sizes. The material is highly resistant to stress and climatic conditions.

Appearance remains intact throughout the entire operational period:

  • it does not lose color;
  • it does not crack;
  • no chips are formed.

Our experts are pleased to offer a variety of fences or to make customizable products according to the client’s design. The artistic approach and use of decorative elements allows to create the most incredible and unique designs.

2000x2000 closed-loop bases

2000x2400 closed-loop bases

2000x2400 opened-loop bases

It is preferred to arrange the last resting place of a deceased so that the burial has an aesthetic appearance, and all design elements are durable and functional. Installation of a granite base on the grave will make a memorial composition complete, it’ll help to prevent soil subsidence and facilitate maintenance of the grave complex. The granite base is mounted on a concrete foundation, and as a result the monument and tombstone receive additional support, do not tilt or fall over.

Granite Fences

If you buy an inexpensive base, lined with granite, it will consist of four square section beams, indicating boundaries of the resting place. The fence frames the entire plot in the cemetery. The price of a granite base depends on its size, manufacturing complexity,  decorative details and other elements that increase artistic value of the structure. The following products are the most popular:

  • granite bases to be installed on the grave, decorated with balls and balusters;
  • a combination of stone and forging;
  • open entrance framing;
  • stamping or engraving.

An important factor in choosing the base is the cladding material. Granite by Real RK is distinguished by a noble black color, strength, resistance to moisture or thawing and freezing processes. Products manufactured from the native material are relatively inexpensive, but of high quality and durability.

The manufacturer’s catalog contains cemetery granite fences made of stone quarried in Karelia. The compositions are various in size, appearance and color and decorated with balls, smooth lines, and forged elements. The matching bases create some special atmosphere around the burial place. All catalogue products have the following advantages:

  • elegant and presentable appearance;
  • impeccable quality of material and processing;
  • strict proportionality and symmetry of elements;
  • large variety of shades and textures;
  • reliability and durability of graveyard fences made of granite.

Decorative elements perfectly match granite monuments, flower beds, vases, borders, tiles and the complex itself. For large family burials, the Company will produce customized granite fences of a required size. The grave complex may include tables and benches corresponding to the general style of composition. The granite fence on the grave is easy to clean from dust or dirt, while maintaining the original appearance and bright texture. Granite fences do not require any coloring, like steel analogues, and do not depend on climate or humidity. They have an elegant and aristocratic appearance. The affordable price of the product will be a pleasant addition to the purchase.

How to order a granite base in Moscow

You can buy granite base lining directly from us, choosing from ready-made or custom-made options. Beneficial cost, high quality, confirmed by corresponding certificates, and warranty for all performed works are a foundation of trustworthy relationship between the client and the contractor. Call us and let us make a personal calculation for you. We always perform on time.

Granite fencing is a solid and aesthetic structure that indicates a burial place and makes it look complete. Manufactured in the same style with the monument, granite bases and a fence create a sense of monumentality and elegance of the composition. Strength and endurance of a granite fence, its resistance to climatic and temperature changes are extremely important as well. A beautiful stone base can hold for centuries without any external changes or special care. Real RK offers graveyard granite fences at a price that won’t break your budget and save funds for other equally important acquisitions.

Real RK offers a wide range of granite fences at affordable prices. Our experts will select the most harmonious combination and help you fill out an application. The catalog of graveyard granite fences provides photos and prices for all products. We are happy to offer our wholesale customers special partner prices for mutually beneficial cooperation. For more information call 8-800-505-95-52.

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