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Granite blocks are the source material used for the manufacture of exquisite and durable monuments, memorial complexes, decorative architectural elements, and sculptural compositions. The stone has natural beauty and high strength, providing an ideal appearance for a very long time. Granite is not susceptible to temperature changes and high humidity and can be used in different climatic zones.


Granite Blocks

 Real RK sells exclusive high-quality material from Karelia. The perfect structure and bright texture pattern allows the client to choose the most suitable option for granite workpieces.

The quality control of the blocks includes the following procedures:


  •  elimination of extraneous layers;
  • separation of the workpiece from the solid mass;
  • a thorough check of the material for cracks.

The customer can buy granite blocks of the required size and configuration. The price of granite blocks depends on the size.

Real RK offers to buy granite blocks in Moscow as wholesale or retail on favorable terms. A large assortment and reasonable prices are guaranteed to each client. All products meet the applicable quality standards. Get more information or make an order by calling  8-800-505-95-52.

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