Dymovsky or Baltic granite has a noble dark brown surface color and yellow streaks intersecting it. It can have both dark gray and maroon shades, adding aesthetics to its appearance. The Baltic Dymovsky granite differs from many other varieties of granite in a non-uniform pattern that is in good harmony with the medium-grained surface. The stone is named after the place of extraction – the Dymovsky deposit near St. Petersburg.

Properties of Dymovsky (Baltic) Granite

Dymovsky granite from the shores of the Baltic sea is distinguished by a number of useful qualities. It has a beautiful, aesthetic color and fine structure. It is not affected by temperature changes and precipitation, it is not prone to fading when being exposed to direct sunlight. Despite the dark shades, the products from this stone remain “warm”, without the slightest hint of gloom. It is an ideal stone for monuments.
гранит дымовский балтийский

It is not surprising that customers are seeking to buy products from Dymovsky granite in Moscow, St. Petersburg and many other cities of Russia. Only a few enterprises, due to having highly qualified personnel and use of advanced technologies, maintain the production of granite setts and monuments at a high level.

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How to purchase Dymovsky granite in Moscow

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