Real-RK offers to purchase memorials from Gabbro-Diabase granite. Gabbro monuments are made of high-quality Karelian granite, which is characterized by high performance and a variety of shades.

Specifications of Gabbro-Diabase memorials

A granite monument of Diabase  has the following characteristics that differ from similar products:

  • high resistance of granite to external environmental impacts (weather conditions, dust, oxidation, chemicals, etc.);
  • resistance to humidity and temperature extremes;
  • elegant appearance;
  • does not grow dim when polished;
  • does not fade.

Памятники из карельского габбро-диабаза

Monuments made of Gabbro are distinguished by their deep black color, and the granite texture itself allows inscriptions and images to be applied to the surface of the monument using diamond tools, or engraving. In the manufacturing process of Gabbro-Diabase monuments, the granite block is sawn, shaped and polished.



Order a Gabbro-Diabase Monument

If you want to buy a Gabbro monument, we will produce a customized item, taking into account your design wishes and requirements. You may choose the desired size and design of the monument from our catalog. The price of a Gabbro monument depends on the size and design. We are happy to get your applications by phone or through the feedback form on the website.