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Granite setts

Improve territory of a site, pathways, and large areas using our paving setts. Strict lines together with a variety of ornaments and color solutions solve many stylistic challenges in landscaping.

Our company has its own production, which allows us to manufacture large volumes of products in the shortest possible time.



We offer a wide range of products and decorative elements that make it possible to create all kinds of compositions using different techniques:


  • In Square;
  • In Herringbone;
  • Diagonally;
  • From 9 tiles, etc.

A large selection of color options provide means for multiple design compositions.

Paving Setts from the Manufacturer

Granite paving setts is a time-tested road paving material. Modern equipment allows manufacturing products of various shapes and sizes. An important condition for production of road pavement materials is the quality of granite and the manufacturer’s compliance with applicable technological requirements. Real RK offers granite paving setts of impeccable quality and beneficial prices.

Production of Granite Paving Setts

To manufacture paving setts, the company uses noble Karelian granite, which is famous for its exceptional characteristics. Strong, durable and aesthetic granite paving setts directly from the manufacturer, at the price that is much lower than the competitive one, can last for centuries without any significant external changes. The supplier has the following types of granite paving setts in stock:

– chipped

– sawn;

– chipped and sawn.

Chipped paving setts made with modern equipment have rough edges and resemble the masonry of an ancient square. The sawn one has even, proportional faces and symmetrical dimensions, simplifying the paving process and surface formation. Chipped and sawn granite paving setts from the manufacturer located in Moscow combines the advantages of the first two sett types, as well as a flat frontal surface and chipped sides.

Granite paving setts are used for streets paving, squares, park and garden alleys, pavement pathway, memorial structures, and grave compositions. Different shades and a clear textured pattern of the universal road surface allow to choose the perfect combination with surrounding objects, structures or to create intricate mosaic ornaments. Sidewalks and roads paved with setts do not have any puddles, the material is resistant to frost, heat or heavy loads.

The cost of granite paving setts is reasonable, and the paving process does not require much time. The material from Karelia does not contain harmful or radioactive impurities, which ensures the environmental safety of alleys, paths and adjacent territories.

Where to buy granite paving setts in Moscow?

The manufacturing company Real RK offers a wide selection of granite paving setts with the price per sq. m is quite affordable and beneficial. We also offer paving setts on wholesale terms and are ready for mutually beneficial cooperation. Call 8-800-505-95-52 and our staff will provide you required information and support in order to choose the most convenient payment and delivery options.

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