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Granite slabs

A granite slab is a product made of natural material with unique characteristics. Strong stone slabs are widely used in different construction spheres. Resistant to atmospheric changes and high humidity, the material is used for exterior decoration and street improvement. Real RK offers to buy granite slabs in Moscow on the most favorable conditions.

гранитная плита от производителя

Manufacture of Granite Slabs

Granite is a noble natural stone that has high strength and endurance. The bright and unique structure of granite slabs attracts attention and stands out from the general series of similar materials.

Manufacture of granite slabs consists of the following steps:

  • alignment of workpieces to size;
  • cutting material by texture;
  • surface treatment and polishing.

There are several types of granite processing. Plates of heat-treated granite have a matte rough surface and are used for exterior decoration and flooring. Polished granite slabs, the price of which is slightly higher, are used for architectural decorations and memorial complexes. Modern equipment prevents overheating or damage to the structure of the stone.

Application of granite slabs

Granite slabs are largely used for base finishing of structures and decorative design of buildings. Paving slabs are used for improvement of pedestrian streets. They are processed differently, most often all of them are non-skid.
гранитные плиты в Москве

Where to buy a granite slab in Moscow

Real RK offers the most favorable price per m² of granite slab. Contact our consultants by calling 8-800-505-95-52 and find out the exact price for a selected item, and clarify payment and delivery terms. Cost of a granite slab depends on its size, thickness and processing method. We offer a wide selection of granite slabs of various sizes as well as wholesaling options of the material at competitive partner prices.

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