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Granite tiles

We offer a wide range of tiles, that are of various sizes, textures and thicknesses.

We manufacture tiles using multiple processing techniques:

  • a perfect mirror surface – polished;
  • a matte, even, smooth surface – glossed;
  • a surface with uniform roughness, relief height – 1.25 microns – faceted;
  • a surface with uneven roughness, relief height – 2 mm – sawn;
  • a surface with large roughness, relief height up to 10 mm – heat-treated.

Thanks to our own production, we can offer manufacture of customized panels of a required size.

Price-List for facing tiles as of February 01.2019
Field Thickness mm Dimensions Price per 1 m2
Polishing Thermo
Gabbro-Diabase 20 600*400; 600*300; 400*400; 400*300; 300*300 4000 4430
30 5400 5500
Dymovskoe (Baltic) 20 600*400; 600*300; 400*400; 400*300; 300*300 5000 5000
30 6200 6200
Vozrozhdenie 20 600*400; 600*300; 400*400; 400*300; 300*300 5000 5000
30 6200 6200
Letnerechenskoye 20 600*400; 600*300; 400*400; 400*300; 300*300 5000 5000
30 6200 6200
Ladozhskoye 20 600*400; 600*300; 400*400; 400*300; 300*300 5000 5000
30 6200 6200
Garnet amphibolite 20 600*400; 600*300; 400*400; 400*300; 300*300 5000 5000
30 6200 6200

Granite tile is a universal building material used for decoration of architectural structures, floors, porches, memorials, decorative interior elements and structures. The strength of granite is significantly higher than of marble or composite materials used in construction. The natural beauty of volcanic rock, a wide variety of shades and structural patterns open up unlimited opportunities for implementation of exclusive projects. Real RK has its own production of granite tiles, and is happy to offer the most favorable conditions for the high-quality material of various sizes.

гранитная плитка в Москве

Characteristics of granite tiles

In order to manufacture tiles and other materials, our Company uses Karelian granite, which is distinguished by impeccable quality and luxurious pattern. Carefully selecting each blank, our craftsmen study the structure of the stone to determine the best direction for a cut. This allows maximizing filigreed beauty of the material in order to create an original and unique granite tile. Our loyal customers note the following product advantages:

  • strict proportionality and symmetry of the faces;
  • impeccable quality of processing;
  • an exclusive pattern that blends harmoniously within the batch;
  • large choice of sizes and shades;
  • reasonable prices, allowing to buy granite tiles without significant cost to the budget.

Our collection includes materials of different textures. The heat-treated tile has a rough surface that prevents slipping. It is used for flooring, stairs, sidewalks, and alleys. Faceted granite tiles are of smoother structure that can be used for exterior decoration of facades and architectural forms. The polished material has a mirror surface with a perfect pattern. Such tiles are used to improve monumental structures, memorials, and funeral items.

How to buy granite tiles?

Real RK offers to buy granite tiles in Moscow much cheaper due to the high performance of modern equipment and a long-term working experience with granite. Our detailed catalog will provide you information on the range in order to make your own choice. The description section shows the current cost of granite tiles per m². The Company’s experts will provide you information and support, to help you choose the required material and fill out an application. For wholesale buyers of granite tiles a special partner price is provided. Call 8-800-505-95-52 and we’ll provide all required assistance.

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