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Grasnite curbs

Granite road curb is a universal support element used in construction of roads, bridges, alleys, flower beds, lawns, and garden paths. Durable and aesthetic granite curbs are used in construction of memorial complexes and improvement of territories around graves. Granite side stone harmoniously combines with asphalt, paving slabs or paving setts. Natural material has excellent strength and durability, ensuring long-term operation of products in any climatic conditions. Real RK offers an impressive selection of granite curbs for various purposes at a beneficial price.
бордюр из гранита

The Company has its own production, specializing in processing and manufacture of granite products and materials. We work with stone mined at a Karelian deposit. The exceptional properties of granite include the following characteristics:

  • exquisite appearance and original textured pattern;
  • resistance to mechanical damage and aggressive media;
  • resistance to high humidity and temperature extremes;
  • absolute environmental friendliness of the material.

The assortment includes sawn or heat-treated granite curb stones of different sizes. Modern equipment eliminates the possibility of violation of the structure of the material, overheating of the surface or causing internal damage. The price of granite side stone is slightly higher than the outdated concrete analogue, however it looks much more impressive and will last for centuries without noticeable external changes. Garden, road and bridge side granite stones, made in accordance with GOST 6666 81, withstand strong vibration and are invulnerable to chemicals used by road services. Granite curb is easy to match to the color of the monument, tile, pavers or other architectural forms of the selected site. Short and curly pavement borders allow you to create any configuration of alleys, flower beds and landscape compositions.
гранитный бордюр

Where to buy a granite curb in Moscow

Real RK sells curb stone in wholesale and retail at affordable prices. Our experts will assist in placing an order and checking for discounts on a specific product. Contact our consultants by calling 8-800-505-95-52 or leave an online application on our website.

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