Granite is a magmatic plutonic rock. This natural stone is widely used in various fields, due to its great features.

Granite is one of the hardest and most durable rocks, has low water absorption and high frost resistance.

Our specialized company manufactures various products from natural stone. Products made of granite will please you many years, they are environmentally friendly, do not lose their original appearance over time, moreover, they are resistant to pollution and easy to maintain. Our long-term experience in the stone processing market contributed to our versatile skills. Our Company carries out granite mining using high-quality advanced technologies that are significant from the economical and environmental points of view in terms of deposit consumption.

We offer manufacture of various products from any type of granite. Products are manufactured in two factories equipped with machines of primarily Italian brands.

The company’s equipment  consists of such machines as:

  • a PROMECH SAWING MACHINE (made in Poland) 3 m – 1 pc.
  • a SIRIO automatic polishing machine for large size panels (made in Italy) – 2 pcs.
  • a PROMECH SAWING MACHINE (made in Poland) 2.5 m – 1 pc.
  • an automatic bridge milling machine with disk dia. up to 625 mm Eura 35 TS (made in Italy) – 2 pcs.
  • a PROMECH SAWING MACHINE (made in Poland) 2.0 m – 1 pc.
  • a manual knee-lever polishing machine – 4 pcs.
  • a stone splitting machine for the production of paving setts– 1 pc.

Volume of produced goods:

sets per month
sq.m. of sawn items per month
sq.m. of paving setts per month

The whole process of manufacturing products from granite is carried out under a system of double control. Products undergo rigorous processing and testing, so our company guarantees high quality and reliability.

The scale and sizes of the manufactured products are not limited, modern equipment allows our company’s specialists to take orders of any volumes with different deadlines. Our warehouse has a standard stock of products. So most items are always available.

The widest selection of granite textured processing, as well as the modern software, make it possible to give the stone any shape and produce items of any design and style. In addition to ritual and construction products, we produce reliable, durable and beautiful fountains, stairs, columns and other decorative compositions, which you can use to decorate any interior or create an elegant landscape design.

Guaranteed product quality, a large assortment, a fast delivery system, convenient payment methods and reasonable prices – all of that is especially for you, our Dear Customers!