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Granite slabs are rectangular panels with a thickness of 20 to 30 cm, designed for manufacture of monuments, memorial complexes, tiles and paving. The unique characteristics of natural stone make multi-purpose for use in different of construction and decorative spheres.

Solid and monumental granite tombstones are unique in strength and aesthetics. Real RK offers to buy granite slabs from Moscow on the most favorable conditions.

Granite Slab Production

For the manufacture of panels, the company uses Karelian granite. The perfect texture and exceptional strength of this material allow creating perfect workpieces with high aesthetic appeal. The company has been engaged in the processing of granite since 2002 and is constantly improving production facilities, eliminating any possibility of technological inconsistencies. Natural granite slabs manufactured at the enterprise have the following advantages:

  • ideal proportionality and uniform panel structure;
  • a wide variety of shades and textures;
  • strength and durability of blocks;
  • uniform processing and polishing.

To create a perfect workpiece, one must precisely guess the direction of a cut. Experienced craftsmen carefully select and prepare the stone blocks for processing. Large and small slabs are processed using modern equipment that does not damage structure of the stone.

How to purchase granite in slabs

Real RK online store offers slabs made of Karelian granite, that one can purchase in Moscow at the best prices. The company has its own production and takes responsibility for high quality of each product. Our illustrated catalog will allow you to learn more about the range of products and to purchase granite slabs or a batch of panels without any undue delay at a beneficial price. Call 8-800-505-95-52 and our experts will assist you in placing an order and checking for applicable discounts.

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